I read an article on Vogue.com called, “Change Is Coming: 13 Talking Points for an Evolving New York Fashion Week”, and it brought up some interesting topics.  The writer, Maya Singer, started out with, “Is New York Fashion Week optional?”  I think fashion shows will always be around whether or not big name designers partake in them.  To me, it seems to be part of the culture of the fashion industry.  There are different alternatives to the classic runway show; just last Thursday, I went to BERENIK’s presentation of her collection which involved dancers instead of models.  It’s up to the designers’ creative interpretation on how they choose to present their collection, and I guess where as well.  I do agree that newer designers are fiending for a spot in NYFW, because who wouldn’t? Maybe in the future, this week will consist of up-and-coming designers while the ones already established will do their own thing.  Singer later talks about the “pussy hat” and how fashion could improve on it.  I believe that, sadly, the pink hat will stick around.  There’s already so many that it has become an icon of the Woman’s March and the fight for woman’s rights.  It’s sort of silly and it makes me smile to see someone wearing it on the streets.

With all this inspiration and creativity flying around NYFW, I looked into Forbes 30 Under 30 list to see who I should be watching for.  Angela Luna, designer of ADIFF, sounds like she’s going to go far.  Her designs are more for purpose than aesthetic and I find that very humbling.  She created her collection to aid refugees, with one of her garments being a cape that turns into a tent.  It inspires me to see others using their drive for good instead of trying to make it to the top of the food chain.  I also like the idea that Marieclaire St. John has behind her label, Dresshirt.  She wants women to feel the same ease that men do when getting dressed in the morning.  I love the idea of unisex clothing and making everything vaguer in a sense.  What St. John does isn’t unisex clothing, but it does remind me of the whole women-equal-men thing going on.  Well, I guess it’s the simplicity of it all is what I’m trying to get at.  She also creates patches and allows customization on her garments which is a huge plus because individuality is always craved in the fashion world.