There is so much good happening in European fashion and it makes me heart explode with joy!  I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I don’t know too many American fashion designers or labels but these European designers brought their a-game and I’m just amazed.  Let’s start in Milan.  This is where the family owned and run brand of Missoni displayed their FW17 collection.  They did not only a RTW women’s collection, they also did a RTW men’s collection which isn’t the norm for fashion labels, so gold star and A+ to Missoni for being an overachiever and not cramming all their looks into one show.  I have three words that immediately popped into my head, “That 70s Show.”  The colors, patterns, and textures scream 70s eclectic culture.  It’s warm and cozy and it encapsulated many separates that can be mix and matched to create an unlimited amount of new looks.  Most of the materials used seemed to be a knit and the hemlines of most of the garments were longer and in the maxi range which were also very 70s.  I think the best part of this collection is the fact that it all seems very wearable.  It wasn’t avant-garde or extreme in any sense and to me that was a nice change.


Next, we’re going to Paris!  Undercover, which is a brand I have never heard of before, but it instantly caught my attention, and you’ll see why…

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What.  Is.  GOING.  ON!!!

The only words to describe this collection is “Oh my God,” but I love it anyway.  It’s simply brilliant.  Unlike Missoni and its evident wear ability, there are a couple pieces that do seem functional.  It takes us back to the Renaissance with the ruffs around the neck, the different headwear including the attifet, and the large puff on many of the sleeves.  If you look closely, you can see a decade from the past century stick out just a little.  This might be a stretch, but I see a hint of 30s style.  The garments are all very elaborate and in a way, glamorous.  One must be poised and elegant to wear something in this collection and a 30s woman could do just that.

Bless the Europeans in every way possible.

(All photos from GPS Radar)