I thought I’d try to embrace my inner Bill Cunningham and snap some street style photos.  Ever since I’ve been in New York, I’ve noticed an abundance of people using backpacks over purses which I found very interesting.  I’m in need of a new spring bag and thought maybe I’d do some research on this trend.  It turns out, I’m a little late to the game… Written in Vogue back in July 2015, backpacks are making hands-free stylish.  Of course, the featured backpacks are designer and out of my price range… It does give me some insight and inspiration as to what I should be looking for while on the hunt for a new spring bag.  Although I do get nervous sometimes about someone sneaking a peek inside while I have my back turned, I feel like a backpack is the best way to navigate the city with your belongings.  My cross body purse always gets in the way and is mostly inconvenient at times on a busy sidewalk or a crowded Subway.

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I’ve found that many New Yorkers go for the utilitarian/functional approach.  They have larger backpacks that can fit more than just a couple items like your wallet and keys.  Herschel is a very popular brand that I’ve seen around for a while now and I’ve always liked them aesthetically.  Have you ever wondered what that little diamond is on Herschel backpacks?  I looked into it a bit and found the answer on Refinery29.  It’s kind of obvious once you think about it for a little.  The pig snout, as it’s called, is there to help you carry your extra gear.  Imagine that…  Another brand I’ve seen that’s really common is one I haven’t seen until being here.


It’s called Fjallraven Kanken and it’s this smaller backpack that still seems able to hold plenty of what you need.  I do like the idea of owning one of these bad boys.

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These are the styles I’m more drawn to in backpacks.  The unconventional shape and the fact that they’re a bit smaller than the others I’ve shown are what I find to be the best aspects.  I’ve always been more into a smaller purse than a larger one and it just makes sense that I’m more attracted to these smaller backpacks.  I never carry too much with me, mostly just the essentials, because I don’t like feeling weighed down.  Through my Bill Cunningham research, I’ve decided to go with a smaller, less utilitarian backpack for my upcoming spring bag.

I do have to give a quick shout out to Bill.  His work was amazing and I appreciate it even more that I’ve tried to sort of recreate his work.  It wasn’t easy chasing after people when your eye catches something interesting.  I also felt very creepy snapping photos of people when the didn’t realize it.  Now that all of my photos have come together, I do see the value in what I did and think it was a pretty fun experience.  Props to you Bill for doing it every day.  RIP.