I picked up an issue of Vogue back in February and recently got an issue of L’Officiel from Around the World Fashion Publications, which happened to be the February issue as well (lucky me!).  L’Officiel is a French fashion magazine that seems to me be very similar to Vogue, at least from the outside.

Vogue has a picture of a movie star (Dakota Johnson) while L’Officiel has two models (Ava Hawk McDean and Anine Van Velzen).  While Vogue has put models on their cover page, most of the time they are well known.  I’m not sure how many people in France actually know who these two models are, but I’m sure they aren’t as popular as a movie star would be.  That’s a very niche market they are attracting with the models.  Vogue tends to put mostly well-known famous people on their covers because that of course attracts people.  L’Officiel has their cover lines arranged vertically and Vogue has theirs arranged horizontally.  I kind of like the vertical style that L’Officiel displays.  It gives the cover photo more attention and the text looks sort of like it’s from the Matrix.  One last difference I noticed was that Vogue plays more with color while L’Officiel keeps it simple with black and white.

While flipping through both magazines, it’s surprised me to see that the first advertisement in both was a spread for Dior with almost identical images.

(Vogue on left, L’Officiel on right)

Vogue also has a page that flips open to show more for Dior’s advertisement.  The other brands in the magazines are just about the same as well.  Fendi, Prada, and Gucci, as well as some other luxury brands are included.  Fendi and Gucci were the exact same advertisement.  Vogue includes some American brands such as Ralph Lauren and of course, L’Officiel includes French brands that I haven’t really heard of…  You have to hit your target market!


(L’Officiel on left, Vogue on right)

It’s also funny to see that both of the back cover feature Louis Vuitton; different photos but from the same “Series 6” shot by Bruce Weber.  I did notice some minor differences in advertisements.  Vogue had more beauty product ads while L’Officiel focused mostly fashion brands.  Vogue also includes much more advertisements and L’Officiel has more stories and content.

(Vogue on right, L’Officiel on left)

The content of the magazines were quite different in styling.  L’Officiel had more of an artsy set up with varying font sizes. Vogue seemed to have more of a straight forward approach and kept everything neat and organized.  One thing that I have never seen before that L’Officiel did was section off the content by chapters (see below).  I thought that was super interesting but also kind of weird at the same time.  I normally associate chapters with a book/novel which makes me think L’Officiel wants to treat their work and consider it to be as comprehensive as a book, in a way.


Sadly, there was no Fashion Week coverage in either… But I’m sure it would be similar in some ways and different in others.