Dear Alex Gonzalez,

I am writing to you as I just finished a project in my Fashion in the Media class as Creative Director of my group.  We were assigned to create a digital media kit to present to the executive board, aka my fellow peers in my class.  As a group, we divvied up the masthead responsibilities and I chose to be the Creative Director.  This entitled me to create the name plate of our annual classroom magazine, the Vignette, as well as a sample cover of one of our issues.  I assisted the Executive Director of my group in creating the presentation.  We discussed our ideas for the layout and what should be included where.  It was really an interesting experience and I would love to hear more about what a real Creative Director position entails.  What is your favorite part of your job?  Myself, I really enjoyed being able to use my creative side and work alongside with the other girls in my group to see what they were thinking of and listening to what they considered.  In group projects like this, I like to give others options when creating a final piece because I feel like in that case, they won’t think I’m taking over the fun, creative aspects.  Although, I’m sure it’s not like that in your position.  I have seen some of your work and I am especially impressed by the fashion spread and cover you did with Rihanna.  I love that you were able to show her in such a raw way while still letting her carry herself as the one and only, Rihanna.  I’m curious to know how you are able to connect to a celebrity or even model like that.  Is it challenging at all?  My group and I will be presenting shortly and I am very excited to see what the “executive board” has to say about what my group came up with.  After today, the classroom atmosphere is going to change into that of a magazine company.  We will all be divided into our respective areas on the masthead, as chosen by the instructor, and we will spend the rest of the class session working on this annual magazine!  I appreciate the time you took to read this and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thank you,

Evie Hansen

Possible Future Creative Director of the Vignette Volume 5
Kent State University