Shopping in a store is so 2010…  The old cool thing was to shop on the web; the new cool thing is to shop through apps!  Who woulda thunk?  I was unaware of these fashion apps that cater to your style or favorite brands.  I’m more of an in-person shopper because I prefer to thrift or shop second hand.  I’m trying to stay away from the fast fashion industry and anything else that I could/would shop at are out of my price range.  This app shopping thing is pretty odd for me but I thought I would check it out.  I had a quick little review/rate sesh and chose a couple that stood out to me:

drqa5xdon69an26twhwi1. Mallzee  four

First of all, this app made me laugh a little too hard.  It’s literally tinder for clothing!  You can swipe left or right based on your feeling for a garment/accessory.  Sorry, but the clothing won’t like you back… Other than that, I think it’s a pretty neat set up.  You get to decide what you’re looking for; it gives you different clothing options and you can select the ones you are looking for and also select where it’s from, the color, as well as the price range.  You can even go as far as to choose what size you want.  There’s also the option to create your own feed or choose a trend feed that the app created.

Perks: Sign up through Facebook or email account / Option for sale notifications / Easy navigation / Can make in-app purchases/ Shop for men or women

Dislikes:  No search function

175x175bb2. PS Dept. clipartbest-com-3IENXO-clipart

This app is aight.  It offers an option for a personal shopper that will look at the items you’ve liked and will give you suggestions based off of those.  I think the idea is good but in order to get full access to the personal shopper, you have to pay a monthly fee and I’m not about that.  You get to browse and search for anything you could ever want.  The only catch is that it’s mostly designer clothing so it’s a tad pricey.

Perks: Sign up through Facebook or email account / Easy navigation / Can make in-app purchases / Shop for men, women, kids, and home / Search function

Dislikes: Personal shopper option is for members only / Mostly designer clothes $$

175x175bb (1)3. Two-star-rating

What’s up with that name?  I’m not sure how I feel about the alternating capitalizations… This app went a different route than the previous two.  It’s mostly Instagram based.  There are images from what I’m assuming are followers of the companies Instagrams that you are able to click on and the app will break down each item in the photo and give you a link to follow if you want to buy it.  You kind of have to follow the company on Instagram as well.  You can screenshot anything they post and it’ll pop up in the app so you can “shop the look.”

Perks: No need to sign up / Different view options / Easy navigation

Dislikes: Very limited functions / No in-app purchase option / Instagram based

0ce921f51d35e1694405e74bca73a8694. Spring five-stars

This app has got it going on!  You get to add brands that you either like or are interested in shopping from all price points and browse their items.  The app shows new arrivals as well as things that are on sale.  It offers different shopping categories like “Editor’s picks” or “Festival faves” which I always think is fun to browse.  The best part is that if you share the app with a friend, you’ll get $20 worth of credits!

Perks: Sign up with Facebook or email account / Easy navigation / Search function / Can make in-app purchases / Free shipping and returns

              Dislikes: None!

unnamed5. Polyvore five-stars

I love this one!  It’s very different from the others I’ve seen.  This is more interactive than the others because you are able to create different outfits from items that you have or from a picture that you have.  You start by selecting three outfits from a selection so that it can get to know your style and give you better results.  You can browse different trends or search specific products and shop that way, or you can go onto your feed and look at different outfits other users have created and shop from those.  I could see myself spending hours on this app playing around and putting together fun outfit inspirations.  I don’t see myself shopping through this.

Perks: Sign up with Facebook or email account / Easy navigation / Search function / Directs you to the garment’s original website

              Dislikes: None!

There were a couple that I didn’t get the chance to try because they aren’t free like the FAD-frf-websiteones above, but they definitely seem worth the couple bucks!  One is called FAD and it’s an online fashion dictionary with terms, designer bios, fabric/sewing phrases, and fashion history.  I’ve been meaning to make a little “fashion bible” of things just like this but now I don’t really have to!  The other app that I didn’t check out is called Stylebook.  It’s similar to Polyvore in the fact that you put together outfits, but its items from your closet!  You’re womenable to either assemble an outfit or make a packing list which is great for the fashionista taking a vacation; it takes away the stress of running out of ensembles to wear.  I read that there is also a shopping feature, but I’m not sure what that entails.  They are both $3.99 and I’m highly considering spending the money on them.  I think I might have an iTunes card laying around somewhere…

I’m an intern for Rachel Antonoff and I’m not sure if any of these apps would work out for them.  For inspiration, they use Pinterest or WGSN.  I did notice that their clothing didn’t make it onto most of the apps above so if anything, I would suggest that they figure out how to include themselves in those.  For personal reasons, I think my supervisor and everyone else in the office would like Polyvore for the same reason that I do.

175x175bbThe last thing I want to talk about is a magazine subscription app called Texture that I tried out.  It’s free for the first 14 days and after that, you have to pay $14/month or they’ll cut you a deal for $95/year.  It might sound like a lot, but if you’re an avid magazine reader with multiple subscriptions, this is definitely for you!  You get access to any major magazine publication and just about any issue you could ever want.  This includes WWD ! ! !  I thought that was incredible.  This app is a memory hog and downloads each magazine you look, which is a bummer for me because I struggle with memory space on my phone.  Another bummer is not being able to use it in a web browser, like on a computer/laptop.  It seems like it must be on a mobile device.