I started out this semester as a guest student at Kent State University studying “abroad” in the NYC Studio program.  I’m leaving this semester as a Illinois State University graduate, with a freelance design position (still working out the details), and new group of friends who will sadly be going back to Ohio…  This semester was the one with the most impact on my life in my college career.  I learned more here in New York than I have in Illinois (minus all my pattern making skills, I couldn’t fit the design course into my schedule).  My internship with Rachel Antonoff allowed me to see how the industry really works instead of imagining what it would be like from a classroom.  Being here in another state, away from my family, and knowing absolutely no one but my super, I learned how to become a stronger individual and have grown so much.  This all came to be because of my many learning experiences while here.  I’m still little Illinois Evie, but now living in New York.  I’m going back to the homeland for commencement and to see my hedgehog and cats, but I’m coming straight back here to continue my New York adventure.  This calls for a hair change!

Here is a compilation from all my fun times since I’ve gotten here:

And here’s to many more!